Tutorial: how to claim an NFT using Monaliza

We recommend using Google Chrome for stability reasons. Each account creation is linked to the device you will use.

1. The first step will be on the home page to click on “Sign-up” to create an account and a wallet at the same time (it’s done for you).

2. A window will open and you will have to enter your e-mail address, a PIN code that you will use as a password. Then click on “Send verification on email” to receive the validation code to copy and paste in the field below.

3. Once done a pop-up notifies you of the creation of your wallet, you are officially on the web3 !

4. Now you have to go to the “Claim” page to see the NFTs you are eligible for. Be careful, if you haven’t bought any NFTs or you are not part of an NFT campaign. Nothing will be displayed on the Claim page.

5. Once you are in the Claim area, you must click on “Sign-In” to log in with your newly created account. For security reasons it will be necessary to request a second code by email to be copied and pasted into the last field.

6. Once logged in, the NFTs you are eligible for will be displayed and you can claim them by clicking on “Claim”.

Do not forget to export your wallet to save your NFTs. Monaliza does not own your NFTs, saving your private key by clicking on “Export wallet” remains the only way to protect your collection.



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